Newsbook資訊網絡成立於1998年,是香港首批服務器託管和服務器租用提供商,也是香港最大的域名和網站託管服務提供商之一。 Newsbook自成立以來,一直專注於香港網絡建設和現代網絡科技的各個方面,為中小企業、個人提供互聯網的全面解決方案,致力為各地的用戶提供優質的網絡服務。newsbook提供服務器託管、服務器租用、主機託管、主機租用、伺服器託管和伺服器租用等IDC數據中心產品。域名註冊,虛擬主機,企業郵箱,網站建設,網站推廣,域名,主機,郵箱,中文域名,中國域名,虛擬主機提供商
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Individual Dial-up撥號上網

Newsbook Limited puts you in touch with the world - to communicate and to share information - for your business and your personal leisure with the fastest speed and lowest price per MB storage space.

資訊網絡提供全城至快以及最經濟的撥號上網 (以儲存空間計算)!

Super Saving: Now, just pay the basic fee, your e-mail account space can automatically increase to 20 MB, the largest in Hong Kong!

Individual Service Plan:

基本月費: 免費儲存量 (全港最大) 額外儲存


20MB HK$10 / 10MB

以上收費不包括電話公司PNETS收費 (現時為每小時港幣1.62)

Real saving for you every month

  • No gimmick, no hidden charges

Blazing speed for your Net surfing

  • Multiple T1 circuits (AT&T) to US backbone and HKIX
  • Support 100% 56Kbps (both x2 and K56flex) modems at no extra cost

Information for your enrichment

  • Interactive on-line service at Newsbook Home Site
  • Newsbook's guides you to a journey through the Global Internet

Full Internet access while you travel

  • Seamless international roaming access to Newsbook Limited
  • Local-country dialup numbers available in Asia, Americas and Europe

Safe Internet access for the young

  • SurfWatch bundled free with all subscription
  • Parental control to prevent children from reading undesirable content

Software for a user-friendly Internet onramp

  • Newsbook can offer easy-to-use software for easy installation on Windows 95 or 3.X
  • Email, Microsoft Internet Explorer, newsgroup...
  • Multimedia support with RealAudio/RealVideo and VDOLive

And we're always here to help you...

  • Friendly and helpful business-day 24 hours customer service
  • Free training sessions to all subscribers



電話:(852)27820197 傳真:(852)23967073 電郵: